About Us

My name is Gretchen Birdwell or Gretchen B for short. I am a wife, mother (to grown children and a cat), avid reader, and Certified Professional Photographer. My passion for Photography grew from a school field trip in junior high. Ever since, I have honed my knowledge and skill and have been trained to capture your moments, your happiness, and your love.

If you’re a parent, a spouse, a business person or all of the above (like me!), you know that life is busy; life is hectic. It’s hard to take a moment to sit down and really enjoy the life and the love that you’re living. That’s why I’m here. I take the hard part out. I capture those moments, those twinkling eyes, those secret smiles between you and your loved ones. But, enough about me…our focus is you!


What to Expect

Let’s capture every facet of your life. Your wonderful life, your growing child, your romance–all of these things deserve to be documented and shared with future generations.

I know that these are just some of the reasons you’re here today, and I’m here to tell you: I can do those things. Together, we can create an album, conversation piece of wall art, and many other timeless heirlooms that your family will cherish for generations.

The most important things that you can expect from me are:

• Making you laugh
• Making you smile, a genuine smile
• Illuminating your true beauty
• Noticing (and capturing) the details that will mean the most to you once the moment is gone
• Showing you in your true element



I am located in Helena, Alabama, a historic town with plenty of character for those environmental sessions. But, I am also willing to travel. Buddy, my husband, is an associate photographer and assists me on sessions that may require two separate perspectives. While portrait photography has been my focus for over ten years, I also specialize in couples, families, and weddings. I would love to help you feel fabulous!



We can build a custom package just for you. Our wedding packages start at $3100. For our portrait clients, our sessions start at $249 and include professional hair and makeup in studio and your choice of studio or on location.



“Thank you for the amazing pictures you have taken. You have made Liz feel so “beautiful” in your work. She could not be happier! Thank you!” -Kathy Scalisi


F. A. Q.

Like what you see and want the specifics? Visit our FAQ page. You’ll find information about scheduling, timeline, albums, payment methods and more.