28 Oct

4 More Photography Tips

I am adding 4 more tips for your arsenal, and we are only half way through! If you missed the first four, please go back to my previous blog post.

5. You’ve got to be joking – A well timed joke will always yield a more natural smile than asking for a smile (and don’t ever say “cheese”). Engage with your subject before and during taking photos helps them relax. In the case of the photo below, I asked this couple (celebrating their 50th anniversary) how they met, and they proceeded to tell me a very funny story.

Gretchen B Photography_Birmingham Portrait Photogapher030

6. Buy books – not gear. Books on photography as well as art books will help with instructions on the hows and whys as well as inspire you. Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson is a very helpful guide!

7. Charge your batteries. Nothing is more frustrating than having low battery power when taking photos of those moments that will never happen again. Digital cameras use lots of battery power!

8. Shoot with your mind. Even when you are not taking photos, take photos with your mind. Compose and consider the exposure you’d want to capture the image. Recently I was coming home from a session, and the sunset was simply amazing! I was driving along thinking of where I could stop to take a photo, and I was close to the Tip Top Grill on the crest of Shades Mountain. I pulled in, grabbed my camera, looked at a couple of different places to take the photo, and took this image. I had to make it fast because the sunset was almost over.

Gretchen B Photography October Sunset

There you have it…watch for my next post with four more photography tips. Please…if you have any questions, post them below or send me an email ( I’ll be more than happy to help!

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