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5 Tips For Family Easter Photos!

This year it feels more important than ever to document our family happy in spite of the pandemic. So, let’s dress up and get some fabulous photos on Easter Sunday! Didn’t get your Easter outfits before the stores closed? No worries, go casual!

If you plan to have the entire family in at least some of the photos, use a tripod and the self-timer on either your camera or cell phone. Be sure to brace your camera/phone on a steady object to avoid camera movement. Using a ladder means you can move the camera/phone to different heights to get totally different perspectives of your family!

Use these 5 tips and let me know if they helped you get better photos!

1. Choose one killer location! Keep it easy with open shade…you know that beautiful light under a tree with a massive canopy or on the side of a building that does not face the sun. Keep the background simple – you want the viewer’s attention on the subjects.



Gretchen B_Martin_005

Gretchen B_Courtney with Tiffan and Rob001

2. Photo groupings –

a) entire family (mom and dad in center) Gretchen B PhotographyErin_007


b) dad with kids GretchenB_Mareno020


c) mom with kids GretchenBPhotography_Madison_063

Gretchen B Photography_Lawson_034

Gretchen B PhotographyBrown008


d) kids alone Gretchen B PhotographyAngela Family_018

Gretchen B PhotographyBrown012

Gretchen B Photography_Lawson_001

e) parents alone GretchenB_Grace_026


GretchenB Hall027


3. Focus – Keep everyone’s faces on the same plane to ensure good focus on all the faces. Having taller people sit and holding smaller children so their faces are even with others works well. Use steps or bring some chairs/stools outside to help get everyone on the same plane. This does not mean to have everyone lined up – some faces will be above or below others; not in front or behind.


Gretchen B PhotographyAngela Family_001

4. Framing – Move in closer and farther away as you take the photos to include more or less of your background. Photograph a small child standing with a parent or both parents and photograph the adult(s) waist down.


GretchenB_Meghan_023 vertical


GretchenB Hall022

GretchenB Hall023

5. Engagement – Be willing to engage the family – please leave the “cheese” in the fridge! Natural smiles come from interaction. One idea is to tell a joke – even better, ask the kids to tell jokes. Kids love to laugh at their own jokes!

Gretchen B PhotographyErin_008



There’s an older child in your home who does not want to smile – no worries! Capturing that pensive look will only add to your memories!

Gretchen B Photography_Taylor_019


Good “rules” to follow on posing: oldest in the center; tallest on outside if possible; sit down if there is a large difference in heights or hold littles close to adult faces; close gaps – get close together and then closer; keep shoulders down by hugging around waists.

Here are some professional posing tips for women: do not square your shoulders to the camera; turn slightly away and if standing, put your weight on your back foot. For everyone over 30: slide your chin away from your neck (slightly!) and then tilt down (slightly).

If you find these tips helpful, I would love to see your Easter photos! When you post your photos, please tag me #gretchenbphotograhyEasterTips

Gretchen Birdwell is an accomplished and award winning portrait photographer. Her studio is located in Old Town Helena where she has operated her boutique studio for the past 13 years. Interested in a portrait session for your family? Check out her Mother’s Day Month special at

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