Celebrate Curly!

Researching naturally curly hair gets lots of interesting conflicting information so I decided to ignore all that and just tell you my story. My hair was wavy when I was a teen when long straight hair was all the rage. When I was in a class on style, the students were asked to draw a […] Read More > 11 Feb img

Erin’s Story

After hearing Erin talk about how she feels about photographs of her family, I invited her to write a guest blog post. I have been photographing her family since Jaxon was born on May 29, 2013 and Hannah was born on September 25, 2017. One of the greatest joys I have as a portrait photographer […] Read More > 27 Dec img

The Eaker Family Reveal

Yesterday Mitzi, Shane, and the boys came to the studio to see the images from their holiday session on November 24. They had already chosen the images for their Christmas card and were excited to come back to see the other family photographs. When they got the studio, I showed them a video of their […] Read More > 16 Dec img

How Do You Want To Be Seen?

After looking at our family photos, I came to a quick realization that there are few photos of my children with me and basically no photos of me by myself. For my birthday in July, I told all of my family members that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a photo session […] Read More > 10 Dec img

Kimberly the Dancer

Kimberly has been taking dance since she was 4 years old, and is now en pointe at 15. In addition to her costumes, Rebekah brought a skirt that has just the right feel and length to be thrown for a special effect. Here’s a behind the scenes look at a practice throw. We had so […] Read More > 19 Nov img

Last 4 Photography Tips in Series

13. Hold your camera properly -Cradle the lens with your hand under the lens. Helps keep it steady so your photos are not blurry by accident. Also, helps keep the camera secure in the event someone bumps into your arm. I found this helpful guide online – check it out! 14. Limit your palette – […] Read More > 15 Nov img

Family Holiday Portraits

Recently the Flurry family came into the studio for their family holiday photos. Erin and Jason brought dressy clothes and casual clothes for their session. There was a lot of activity when it was time to change clothes – sometimes the kids were up for it, sometimes not so much. However, at the end of […] Read More > 12 Nov img

4 More Photography Tips!

You have 8 tips from this series so far…what do you think? Let me know if you find any of these tips helpful as you dive deeper into your photography journey. 9. The golden hour – about an hour before sunset is what photographers call “the golden hour” – use this beautiful soft light for […] Read More > 8 Nov img

4 More Photography Tips

I am adding 4 more tips for your arsenal, and we are only half way through! If you missed the first four, please go back to my previous blog post. 5. You’ve got to be joking – A well timed joke will always yield a more natural smile than asking for a smile (and don’t […] Read More > 28 Oct img

More Photography Tips!

Sharing the first four of sixteen tips today so you can practice just a few at a time. Understanding your camera settings and understanding their “why” is important so you can achieve the image on paper that you see in your head. There are going to be some photography rules in these sixteen tips. Know […] Read More > 15 Oct img
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