Last 4 Photography Tips in Series

13. Hold your camera properly -Cradle the lens with your hand under the lens. Helps keep it steady so your photos are not blurry by accident. Also, helps keep the camera secure in the event someone bumps into your arm. I found this helpful guide online – check it out! 14. Limit your palette – […] Read More > 15 Nov img

Family Holiday Portraits

Recently the Flurry family came into the studio for their family holiday photos. Erin and Jason brought dressy clothes and casual clothes for their session. There was a lot of activity when it was time to change clothes – sometimes the kids were up for it, sometimes not so much. However, at the end of […] Read More > 12 Nov img

4 More Photography Tips!

You have 8 tips from this series so far…what do you think? Let me know if you find any of these tips helpful as you dive deeper into your photography journey. 9. The golden hour – about an hour before sunset is what photographers call “the golden hour” – use this beautiful soft light for […] Read More > 8 Nov img

4 More Photography Tips

I am adding 4 more tips for your arsenal, and we are only half way through! If you missed the first four, please go back to my previous blog post. 5. You’ve got to be joking – A well timed joke will always yield a more natural smile than asking for a smile (and don’t […] Read More > 28 Oct img

More Photography Tips!

Sharing the first four of sixteen tips today so you can practice just a few at a time. Understanding your camera settings and understanding their “why” is important so you can achieve the image on paper that you see in your head. There are going to be some photography rules in these sixteen tips. Know […] Read More > 15 Oct img

Photography Tips!

Based on my too many to count years of experience as a professional photographer, I offer the following advice to everyone who is interested in making more than “snapshots” of their families. It takes practice, patience, and the ability to engage your subjects. For inspiration, I’ve included a few examples of my work on locations […] Read More > 10 Oct img

New Dress for Studio Wardrobe!

Check out this new gown I bought for my studio wardrobe…it’s black lace over a nude lining and really is quite breathtaking. If you are considering a “celebrity for the day” photo session and aren’t sure you have the outfits for it, schedule a consultation with me and check out my wardrobe. The clothes range […] Read More > 7 Oct img


Photographing fireworks is fun but does take some planning. Here are some tips to capturing fireworks images that you’ll be happy to share! I got these tips from Nikon’s page and have used these same tips for my own photography. 1. Use a tripod. (Notice that there is no alternative to this!) 2. Use cable […] Read More > 1 Jul img

Legacy Wall

Recently I read an article about photographs and the impact they have on children. It seems that children who are surrounded by photographs of themselves and other members of their family have a better understanding of how important they are to the family unit. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Here’s a wall display that captures the […] Read More > 12 Jun img

B&W Photo Exhibit

On Monday, May 20, I was honored to be the featured artist for The Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham! The Executive Director, Chandrel Wright-Richardson, loved the idea of my “Come As You Are” – A Portrait Project with Gretchen B so much that she came to the studio to be photographed and to be part […] Read More > 23 May img
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