Behind the Scenes with Taylor

This is the first of six behind the scenes videos I’ll post from our model session a couple of months ago! It is so exciting to be able to share the experience in the studio as well as the images from the session. The adorable dress (reminds me of one I wore in a fashion […] Read More > 24 Aug img

Class of 2017 Gretchen B Models!

The model program is in full swing! We’ve had a model session complete with hair and make up by Gypset Beauty Company and outfits including clothing, shoes, and accessories from Oh My Sole. The models received gift bags with a Gretchen B Photography tee-shirt printed by Just an Expression and natural lip products by Whispering […] Read More > 26 Jul img

2017 Gretchen B Senior Models

Yesterday was quite a day in the studio…6 high school senior models were in the studio for hair and make-up by Gypset Beauty Co. and to model outfits including shoes and accessories from Oh My Sole. Kenlee Hood models for Oh My Sole, other boutiques, and will be participating in Fashion Week later in the […] Read More > 29 Jun img

Young Violinist in Studio

Anna Tyler is only 7 years old and has been playing the violin for about 4 years. and she has been dancing for 5 years! She came to the studio to have photographs made of her wearing some of her dance costumes, and mom thought it would be fun to include the violin. Simply holding […] Read More > 1 Jun img

Surprise Engagement!

Drew’s mother, Susie, called to schedule an engagement session for her son Drew and his girlfriend, Kaitlin. Drew came up with a very cool idea to cover the fact that there would be a photographer with him and Kaitlin. He “won” a photo session through a local pet store–he asked me to send him a […] Read More > 15 May img

Why Professional Photography

Since I was a young girl, I loved photographing people–my classmates from 7th grade will tell you I never put the camera down on our trip to the state’s capitol. I moved up to a Nikon F2 in my early 20’s and enjoyed using my camera to document the places I visited as well as […] Read More > 10 May img

Modern Master Painted Portrait on Canvas

Is there anything more worthwhile than a portrait that is classic, timeless? I have loved this image of Emi in her christening gown since the moment I clicked the shutter. It was toward the end of our session, and she was beginning to tire. However, with her mother and me continuing to talk with her, […] Read More > 7 Apr img

A Family Session

In December I had the privilege of photographing Amy and Jack Elliott with their sons, Jack’s mother and sister, along with the family dogs, Ace and Cricket. After a lot of thought about where to do our session, we agreed on the log cabin in Bluff Park where the dogs would be comfortable, and there […] Read More > 23 Feb img

8 More Tips for Better Photos!

9. The golden hour – about an hour before sunset is what photographers call “the golden hour” – use this beautiful soft light for your portraits and landscapes. 10. Perspective – take photos of the same subject from different angles. You’ll be surprised at how different your subject looks when you change your physical relationship […] Read More > 19 Feb img

8 Tips for Better Photos

As a photographer, I recommend professional photography for milestones and special occasions. As a mom, I recommend you take lots of photos of your every day activities with your family (and print them!). With that in mind, I have some tips for you along with some examples. Please feel free to ask questions–I will be […] Read More > 16 Feb img
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“Worth every minute and every dime. I can't even begin to tell you happy I am with these photos, tho crying over them might be a start.” -Jenny Taylor

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