11 Feb

Celebrate Curly!

Researching naturally curly hair gets lots of interesting conflicting information so I decided to ignore all that and just tell you my story. My hair was wavy when I was a teen when long straight hair was all the rage. When I was in a class on style, the students were asked to draw a self portrait. I drew myself with straight hair, and the teacher almost laughed out loud. My sister and I would iron (that’s right – bend over ironing board with hair spread out the other one holding a hot iron and taking the curls to a straight flat mess) each other’s hair before school every morning. Thank goodness those days are over! We are free to wear our hair any way we want. Several years ago I threw away my flat iron and let my hair do its own thing. The good news is I don’t spend as much time getting ready to leave the house; the flip side is there are no two days the same with naturally curly hair. At least I have not found it!

In an effort to encourage others to enjoy her naturally curly hair, I’m running a Celebrate Curly campaign and love the line I heard recently (cannot remember where or I would give credit!) – Curly Hair is the Cool Girl’s Calling Card. How many times have you heard a comment that is so complimentary to curly hair? Most of the ads we see on TV and in magazines are telling us how we can straighten our hair!

So, if you have naturally curly hair and would like to be part of my campaign, please text me at 205.999.3531. Here are the quick details: Session is $99 (save $146!) and receive hair and makeup in the studio; magazine style photo session; and a square cropped image for you to use for your social media (including LinkedIn). You are more than welcome to purchase prints (all prints come with its corresponding digital file with printing privilege). I also plan to host a champagne party in the studio with the first 10 people who text me. You are encouraged to invite up to 3 friends to come with you when we have a party to Celebrate Curly! My cell is 205.999.3531. Text me now to get on the calendar! Click this link to book your appointment!

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Our sessions start at $245 and include complimentary professional hair and makeup in studio and your choice of studio or on location.

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“Worth every minute and every dime. I can't even begin to tell you happy I am with these photos, tho crying over them might be a start.” -Jenny Taylor

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