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How Do You Want To Be Seen?

After looking at our family photos, I came to a quick realization that there are few photos of my children with me and basically no photos of me by myself. For my birthday in July, I told all of my family members that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a photo session in my studio. Even though there was some reluctance, all agreed. And I have to say…we had a blast! I will also confess that it is very difficult to be the photographer and the subject at the same time. (My daughter and Houston are getting married in October so we will have an excellent opportunity to have some photos taken by another pro photographer.)

When the photos came back and I matted them for my legacy box (yes, I have my own, now!), everyone was blown away by the images but just as important, they shared their memories of the funny things we said and did during the session. I am excited that my adult children will have these printed images for their lifetimes and can pass them on should they decide to have their own children.

“How do you want to be seen?” is a question I ask my portrait clients for both personal and professional portraits. When I was looking through our family photos, I had to ask myself the same question. My answer to the question led to the fun time we had in the studio on a recent afternoon. I want my children to remember me as a creative woman who cherishes her family and who has taken the time to create images that we will proudly display in our homes.

I’ve included a few of the images and will take just a moment to explain the photo of my son Justin – I asked him to help me for a lighting test. I had the scene set for the five of us, and Justin went from spot to spot and took on the persona of each of us! I took a photo of him each time and then blended them together in one photo, and I laugh out loud every time I look at it! Oh, and I entered one of the images into the Portrait Masters judging in August and received a Bronze award for a photo of Justin!

Gretchen B Photography Justin Clowning

Gretchen B Photography Birmingham Portrait Photographer Justin Bronze July 2019

Our growing family – Rachel and Houston will be married in October!

Gretchen B Photography Our Family

Gretchen B Photography Rachel and Houston

And finally…photos of each “child” with mom! :)

Gretchen B Photography Rachel and Mom

Gretchen B Photography Mother Son

I love printed images, and if you have been a client, you most certainly agree. I encourage you over the holidays to not only take photos of your family but get the images printed. There is no better way to stir a memory than the printed photograph. I do not know the psychology of it, but prints touch us in a way that images on a device do not. And when you are ready for your own Legacy Box, come see me! I’d love for you to help you answer the question: “how do you want to be seen?”

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“Worth every minute and every dime. I can't even begin to tell you happy I am with these photos, tho crying over them might be a start.” -Jenny Taylor

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