12 Jun

Legacy Wall

Recently I read an article about photographs and the impact they have on children. It seems that children who are surrounded by photographs of themselves and other members of their family have a better understanding of how important they are to the family unit. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s a wall display that captures the close relationship between mother and daughter. The daughter just graduated from high school and will be going off to college in the fall. Can you imagine how many times the mother will stand in front of her wall of portraits and what an impact these images will have on her, every day? And when her daughter comes home for visits, she, too, will stand in front of the wall and remember the day she and her mother went to a photography studio where they shared the experience of being photographed together and separately. She will remember seeing her mother as a woman full of grace and beauty while being photographed in a gown borrowed from the studio wardrobe.

I am their photographer. I saw her face while her mother was in front of my camera – I saw her appreciate her mother in a different way, and I believe I saw her hope that she, too, will be a woman like her mother. I also saw the mother look at her daughter both with pride and a bit of sadness. I know that these images will bring all of the emotions and memories of that day in my studio back to them in every detail.

Legacy Wall

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