15 Oct

More Photography Tips!

Sharing the first four of sixteen tips today so you can practice just a few at a time. Understanding your camera settings and understanding their “why” is important so you can achieve the image on paper that you see in your head. There are going to be some photography rules in these sixteen tips. Know this – you can only break the rules if you know them and break them on purpose to achieve the image you want. The rules have been developed over years and are designed to help teach proper photography techniques. I know you’ve heard people say that rules are meant to be broken, and that is true if breaking the rule achieves the desired result. Enough said about that! If you have any questions about any of these tips, please feel free to leave your question below.

1. Get in close – fill the frame with your subject.


2. See the light – where is the light coming from? Don’t take a photo with the light directly behind you. Place your subject or move yourself so that the light is coming from the side or behind the subject. If the light is behind the subject, either overexpose a little or use a flash.


3. ISO – Daylight, use lower ISO; night or low light, use higher ISO. Also, decide if you want your moving subject to show movement or to be sharply in focus. For movement, use a slow shutter speed and lower ISO. For sharp images, use faster shutter speed and higher ISO to stop the motion.


4. Shutter speed – your shutter speed means the difference between a blurry photo and and a sharp one. Photographing your child running around the yard or riding a bike, you probably want them to be in sharp focus. Use a faster shutter speed over 1/500th of a second. If you want to slow down the speed of water in a stream, for example, you’ll want to use a much slower shutter speed (and a tripod!) of no faster than one second. Try different speeds to get the look you want.


Enough for now! If you would like to share your work with me, feel free to come to my Facebook page and post your photos!

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