5 Jun

Old Photos Requested

Last week I was just leaving the studio when I got a call from old friends, Laura and Mark who moved to Atlanta several years ago. I had photographed Mark’s mother nearly 20 years ago (with film!), and one of their favorites was of her laughing. Mark’s mother died that morning of his call, asking me to send him a couple of photos from that session for her funeral. I have another photographer friend who owns a film scanner so hubs and I went to his house that evening to scan the negatives for me to send to Mark and Laura the next day.

Laura wanted to share this with my audience:

My mother-in-law, Lucille, passed away recently at the age of 89, and we had to choose words and images to express to the world how we (and she) would like her to be remembered. In 2001, Gretchen photographed Lucille in a session that was just her, and her alone, for the first time without children, grandchildren or her husband of 45 years (who had passed away several years earlier) around her. I could hear laughter and voices from the studio. When we got the proofs back, our favorite (which we had framed) was of Lucille her head thrown back and with a huge smile. She looked as if she had just had a belly-laugh, which we hadn’t heard since Jim died. Gretchen’s portraits have a way of capturing people in-the-moment. The moment when they let their light shine and their real self show. And that’s the photograph memory we chose.

Gretchen B Photography Birmingham Portrait Photographer Lucielle

Laura’s words brought tears to my eyes. Don’t ever wonder if a photograph has worth…it is one of the few things we have that will grow more valuable with time. Look at the people you love–do you have images of them or yourself that bring back happy memories? If not, I encourage you to take matters into your own hands, and schedule an appointment with a professional photographer. I’d be honored if you chose me…to stop time for you.

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