17 May

Birmingham High School Senior Photography

Barkley loves grungy and urban so we went to the warehouse area of downtown Birmingham for her senior session. We had an absolute blast exploring some very interesting places for photos. We even met a probation officer who noticed some suspicious activity up the road from where we were doing our thing…stopped to tell us he couldn’t believe we were using that rusty metal as a background and that he would be checking on the car parked up the hill! (You just never know who you might meet when you are on a photo session…and everyone’s a critic!)

A rising high school senior, Barkley is preppy, classic, vintage, urban, and casual in her style. She brought three or four outfits so we were able to capture some of those different “sides” of her. It’s so important to me to capture the personalities of my high school seniors, and it’s so fun when they are eager to share who they are for the camera. I have a form for the seniors to complete so I can get to know them better before our session. One question is: If you could make your life into a movie, what type of movie would it be? Barkley’s answer was: comedy. I think you can tell by her fun expressions and the way she carries herself that she certainly could do that!

When a high school senior or any other subject, come to think of it, comes to me for photographs, I always want to get some images where the subject is not looking directly into the camera and some with a more pensive look which invites the viewer to engage longer with the subject’s image. It was “tough” to get Barkley to stop smiling, but we did manage to get a number of images that show Barkley in a more somber mood.

It was difficult, but I did manage to choose just a few of my favorite images of Barkley…

GretchenBSeniors Pelham High School Downtown Birmingham

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