28 Sep

Photos With Santa

October 1st is next week which means many stores are already covered in Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Don’t worry, you tell yourself, this year I’ll be prepared before Thanksgiving-you won’t add unnecessary stress to an already frantic season. You’ll shop online, send your Christmas cards before December 24th, and avoid those long lines taking your kids to see the mall Santa. Ok, so maybe it’s inevitable to experience some of the Christmas crazies each season, but plan ahead to have stress free Santa photos by planning a session with a professional photographer. Why, you ask? The following list will win you over to a Mini Session with Santa for good.



Whether it’s your child’s first time with Santa photos or they’re getting a little heavy for Santa’s knee, it’s all about the photo. The likelihood of your child remembering every Santa experience without the photo is slim to none, right? Professional photographers capture the details and moments of your child’s Santa visit without cheesy posing. Would you rather see a posed fake smile-or squirming cry-depending on your kid, or the look of magic on our child’s face as they stare up at “Father Christmas”? A professional photographer will ensure that you have several captured memories from your session rather than a keychain you’ll discard in January.



Professional photographers know what looks good on camera and will have professional gear, backgrounds and Santas! You’ll be highly unlikely to find an ill-fitting red and white suit or a fake beard at a holiday session with a pro. These photogs often have seasoned relationships with the same professional Santas and can count on working with them year after year. Let’s be honest, if you’re a professional Santa, this is a pretty sweet gig-20 minute sessions to get comfortable with each child to provide the magic of Christmas first hand rather than a cattle call of rushed chaos.



Sessions not a stampede…that’s right, professional photographers provide Santa mini sessions rather than packing as many paying customers into one event as possible. You’ll be able to make an appointment rather than waiting in a long line so that you and your little one keep the Christmas Spirit of what this experience ought to be. A mini session also relieves the pressure of the perfect shot. In 15-20 minutes, you’ll have lots of images to choose from.



A Santa Mini Session with a professional photographer will also provide you with high quality products. Special packages may be created for cost-effectiveness, but a professional will retain those images for an extended period of time so that you can reorder at a later time if you wish. For example, you may decide that although you already have the 5 x 7 for your office, that the image is so priceless that it needs to be your custom Christmas card as well.


As you can see, there is at least one way to alleviate the impending stress that the holidays can bring. Book a Santa Mini Session with your favorite professional photographer and avoid the mall chaos this year!

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Our sessions start at $245 and include complimentary professional hair and makeup in studio and your choice of studio or on location.

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“Worth every minute and every dime. I can't even begin to tell you happy I am with these photos, tho crying over them might be a start.” -Jenny Taylor

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