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Recent Awards

Entering Photographic Competitions…other than the local camera club, I had not entered my photographs in competitions. That is, until recently. I belong to a group named The Portrait Masters. The Portrait Masters sponsors a judging of work entered twice a year where five judges score every entry – the final score is an average of the five. The judges are from all over the globe. They are multi award winners themselves and are different for each competition. Bronze is a score of 70-79 and considered professional level; Silver, 80-89, Gold, 90-100. (As a side note, Silver and Gold awards tend to go to the images that are more fantasy like than a traditional portrait.) Entering photographic competitions certainly is a great way to challenge oneself to get better and better. With fourteen Bronze awards earned in the past three competitions, it is my intention to earn Silver in 2020.

Here is a list of the categories and their descriptions:

Contemporary Portrait – a portrait of one person male or female showing personality & connection.
Family Portrait – A portrait of two or more family members that captures their connection.
Newborn Portrait – A portrait of a newborn baby or multiple babies, from birth to one year.
Boudoir Portrait – A portrait that celebrates intimate beauty and sensuality defined as boudoir.
Teen & Senior Portrait – A portrait of an individual teen or high school senior within the ages of 13-19.
Children’s Portrait – A portrait of an individual child within the ages of 1-12.
Creative Portrait – A fine art portrait that has a unique theme or style including fantasy & composites.
Pet Portrait – A pet with people and/or family or just pets alone.

Creative Portrait – This image is my first entry in the Creative Portrait category, and I am very excited to share my Bronze award!

Gretchen B Photography Creative Portrait Rachel

Contemporary Portrait – I am struck by this young woman’s hair, beautiful skin, and quiet spirit.

Gretchen Birdwell Contemporary Portrait Samara

My family portrait image is of a mother with her 6-month old. We did more typical baby photos but wanted something elegant for their mother/daughter photograph. This image is a framed canvas and now hangs as a family treasure in their home.

Gretchen Birdwell Family Portrait ErinHannah

A client told me recently that I photograph with love…that compliment rang true in my heart. I have been taking photographs of people for many years, and I believe I fall in love with each and every person who sits in front of my camera. I also believe that connection gives my subjects the freedom to relax and be themselves giving their images an authenticity that will speak to the people who love them now as well as to future generations.

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