11 Feb

Top 10 Wedding Traditions both Classic and New

Brides, here is a list of the top 10 wedding traditions. Some and classic and have been with us for more years than we can count and some are new (within the last five years or so) and are becoming more and more popular. The first six on the list are classic while the last three are new.

1. Exchanging Vows…making promises in front of family and friends that you two are creating your own family.
2. Bouquet…know what the flowers mean such as the Peony–good fortune and a happy marriage.
3. Something Blue…brides are coming up with many different ways to include blue in their ceremony…love the shoes!…”something blue” symbolizes purity, love, and fidelity.
4. The Wedding Cake…did you know that it represents fertility and prosperity?! Cutting the cake together and feeding each other is symbolic of your new union.
5. The Toast(s)…it’s the job of the Best Man to set the tone and to be the host for you.
6. The Rings…a physical and outward symbol of your promises to each other.
7. Pre-Ceremony Photos…these days most brides and grooms are having all photos made before the ceremony…better photos and a less stressful day.
8. Backyard Weddings…for couples who don’t attend church or just want a more intimate ceremony, the home of family or a friend can be the answer.
9. The Registry…many couples are choosing different types of registries other than the more traditional; for example, a Honeymoon Registry.
10. Personalized Weddings…couples are getting creative in putting together a theme that reflects them as a couple.

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