25 Nov

“Unscripted” – A Fine Art Photography Showcase in Helena, AL

On December 2, 2012, Gretchen B Photography will host the third “Unscripted” in her Helena, Alabama, studio. The theme for this show is “America the Beautiful” and features some amazing works of art from around the country. If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama, area, feel free to drop by on Sunday, December 2 from 1-4.

Meet the Artists!


Gretchen M Birdwell, CPP

Gretchen’s love of photography started in her teen years. She has always been drawn to the beaches of North and South Carolina where she spent many summer vacations. The images presented are from Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle, North Carolina.
Gretchen believes that capturing scenic images is not that different from photographing people—there is a right time to click the shutter; a moment in time when everything comes together to create an image that will involve the viewer and connect to the subject.
Gretchen is mostly self-taught and has attended numerous classes at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, UAB and Samford in Birmingham, as well as many workshops held by internationally recognized professional photographers. She achieved her goal of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer in 2011.
Gretchen moved her home based business to the Helena studio in 2007 and is an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer.


Ken Gables

Ken Gables Photography…Using Light to Write and creating contemporary interpretations of the nostalgic, timeless, and classical institutions of American life. This best describes the fine art photography and craft of Ken Gables. Photo-graphy literally means to “write with light” and Ken has chosen to subtitle his work with this phase, in that photographic images should tell a story of their own; a composition of light. Growing up in rural southern Missouri, Ken acquired a great appreciation for the pioneering culture of the Ozarks Region. He went on to study geography, furthering his interest in the natural landscape, earning a degree in Geography from Missouri State University. He has since acquired a Master’s Degree and Photography Certificate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ken works regionally, photographing Alabama and Southeastern landscapes with a concentration on streams and other water ecosystem environments.


Graham Bostick

Graham Bostick is a landscape and outdoor photographer currently based in Alabama.
Like many other photographers in his age group, he started out at an early age with a Kodak Brownie. While on a military assignment in Germany, he attended photography classes conducted by German instructors. Afterwards, he photographed in many European countries.
Graham travels extensively in the United States and Canada. His objective is to photograph the vastness of the land, the greatness of the country, and the grandeur of nature. In doing so, he feels each scene has a right moment that the photograph should be taken. That moment is when the light is right, the foreground, background, and primary subject matter has materialized to enhance the composition.
Graham believes every photograph should have a story to tell. Such is the case with the photograph of Maroon Bells. “Arriving at the location at 5:30 am, I found 20 degree temperatures, high winds, and choppy waters. I set up the camera along with several other photographers. WE were all standing in six inches of snow. After waiting some three hours virtually all of the other people gave up and left the area. I was about to leave when I remembered what a seasoned elderly photographer in Canada once told me: “If you will wait, the water will calm itself.” I had been facing the warm sun, and as I turned around a sudden quietness had fallen on the area, and the water became a mirror. Hardly believing what I was looking at, I immediately took a shot and looked at the screen to see if it was real. I knew immediately that this was the right moment.”


Paul Arant

Paul got into photography because as a hunter and spending time in the woods, he saw a lot of wildlife he would like to “shoot” with a camera—not a gun. After attending a one year Bible college in Montana, he became interested in scenic photography as well. Up to that point, if it didn’t have fur, feathers or horns, Paul didn’t find it worth photographing.
Over the last 30 years, most of his travels have been to Wyoming and Montana. His rancher friend in Montana has shared many interesting locations for Paul’s lens. He spent 12 years shooting for AU Photographic Services and for a local newspaper photographing all high school sports. Paul is employed at World Wide Tract Ministry in Bessemer, Alabama.

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