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Wedding Stories by Birmingham Photographer

Getting into wedding photography was a conscious decision influenced in no small part by negative experiences I heard about. In order to be the best I can be, I attend workshops to on lighting and posing and am constantly working to hone my craft. Producing top quality images with an eye toward creating the story of the day as it unfolds is my number one goal. The wedding images actually being at the engagement session where we all get to know each other and become comfortable working together to get “real” images.


Brides, beware: these are true stories! A friend of one of my brides said she received her images on a disk and had prints made by a local photo lab. When she picked up the images, they were all very dark and had an orange cast to them. Understandably she was most disappointed. She tried to get in touch with the photographer and learned he has disappeared off he grid. His Facebook page has been deleted, and her emails to him bounce. (NOTE: Make sure your photographer has a business license and has a good reputation–hire someone who has something to lose if they don’t perform.)

Another bride who is traditional in many ways but has a fun and romantic side used a friend who is a professional wedding photographer, but she didn’t understand that his style of photography was very different from her personal style. Although the photos were technically good, they just didn’t seem to capture the feelings of the day. (NOTE: Hire a photographer whose images “speak” to you in some way. Hiring a photojournalistic photographer and expecting casually posed and formal family portraits will leave you disappointed just as hiring a photographer who “never poses” and uses only “available light” will leave you wondering why you don’t have group photos and your reception looks like a bat cave.)

The sister of one of my brides was married several months (a friend of the bride was her photographer) before my bride. Her photographer provided her with all of her images on a CD. She still has the images on a disk…my bride has her completed coffee table book that she will always cherish. And that book will become more and more loved as it is passed down generation to generation. (NOTE: If you choose to get a disk from your photographer, order some prints from your pro so you can compare the color and quality to those images you receive from a consumer lab.)

This is my heartfelt commitment when I entered into the Birmingham wedding industry: the brides who trust Gretchen B with their memories will receive not just a recording of the events of the day but will see in their images what they and the people they care most about are feeling that day. The bride and her groom spend a lot of time choosing the special elements that will make their wedding unique; I will ensure those items are photographed in a way that shows their importance.

When I receive a thank you note from the bride and/or her mother, I am always touched. Today, I received this one from Meghan and Tim and just had to share. Their wedding was featured on my blog recently. You can read it by clicking the hot link. Her note has made my day!

GretchenBPhotography Note from Bride

So, brides, when choosing your photographer, please be sure you will receive what you expect (and more!) from your photographer. Look at photos from several weddings, preferably in coffee table books or albums so you can see how the entire day is covered and not just the “best of” images. There are lots of wedding photographers in the Birmingham area–if my philosophy touches you, I’d love to be your photographer! In order to be my best in wedding photography, I am accepting only twelve reservations a year. Call today to schedule a consultation; let’s see if we are a match!

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